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Skyline Homebuilders

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Skip Patterson has developed a LEED certified “green” home. The conscientious building technique is new and revolutionary in modern home construction. With the environment in mind, he developed and utilized many different building techniques and materials to minimize environmental impact in total, from beginning to end. The materials used in the construction are specialized and expensive. The manner in which the construction is completed minimizes the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Energy star rated appliances are available at a higher cost than traditional units. The techniques used to build the houses is so revolutionary, Skip has had to hire representatives from manufacturers he uses to train his contractors in proper installation and utilization. This in total, increases the cost of the homes roughly 10% from traditionally built homes of the same square footage. Skips issue lies in the cost itself. The affordability of the homes is one that attracts only those customers that can afford paying more for a product with alternative goals in mind. Environmentally conscientious consumers can see savings of up to $2000 - $3000 per year in energy costs. Skip should concentrate his promotion objectives in pointing out that fact. Local newspaper ads should coincide with environmental news sources. Green energy magazine articles will go a long way in messaging this promotion. Building and home shows around the country should be attended to target the environmentally conscious consumer. The advantages of targeting consumers as opposed to real estate agents is that the real estate agents can propagate his message to the masses more cost effectively than doing it himself. He should hold open houses with MLS agents to market his buildings and share the information. A promotion blend of local media, home show appearances and in home agent showings concentrating…...

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