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SM Entertainment, which is the one of largest entertainment companies in Korea. In the past decades, SM creates numerous world-class artists like BoA, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, etc. In this article, the author illustrates the company and how SM company uses these artists to achieve its business goal. We can also see why Korea becomes a huge entertainment empire in such a short time.
From this passage, I get three main reasons which can explain what makes SM so powerful. Firstly, SM coined its own music and performance style called SMP genre. The author also explains this term via some artists of SM like H.O.T, Super Junior. SMP genre is the unique element that sets SM apart from the others in the industry. SM created the term in the mid-90’s with H.O.T, SMP combines rock and R&B with hip-hop beats allowing for very strong dance performances. The music videos are more important than the music. They are attractive enough to make a person’s head spin with insane dance routines, and more sparkly bells-and-whistles fanfare than you even imagine. SMP genre not only works for the domestic audiences but also letting worldwide fans indulging themselves in the business. The author also explains how Chinese, Japanese and French fans are crazy for those young boys and girls.
Music and performances aside, fan culture helps SM to establish the empire by leaning on the power of Chinese and Japanese fans. H.O.T is a great example to show this effect. As the label’s very early idol, the dedicated fans, who sometimes go to very extreme lengths. Even after 10 years, the BBS of H.O.T in China is still active. It can be credited with the success of the artists. Because of the strong fan base, the singers have SM Entertainment caters to their needs, producing music, shows, and products the fans push for. The company even helps the artist to build the fan club name, official sign, and official color. They do not only control the artists, but also those fans in another method. I would like to call it “brain-washing”. (I know some fans may beat me, but if the Chinese EXO fans started an “online fight” with the fans of TF Boys. Most of those fighters are girls under 12 years old.)
TVXQ maintained their fans even after a heated legal battle that resulted in the original five-member group being cut down to a duo. EXO faced the same problem on the scene, but thanks to their dynamic SMP-infused debut were able to build up a large fandom in a relatively short amount of time. Even Shinhwa, who left the agency in 2003, have maintained their success as a group in large part due to their incredible fan base that originated with their debut under SM in 1998.
As what I mentioned before, the author also noticed SM Entertainment has its own producing system. The system is learned by other entertainment company in the industry, but SM still gets fame and revenue from the system. SM Entertainment has been casting talented youths across Asia and putting them through the entertainment company's unique training system. SM not only produces music but also content like fashion, choreography and music videos. The unique system let SM to control every right of artists, like producing, recording, marketing, etc.
However, with the huge success, SM Entertainment also gets some critics at the same time. “Anti-Hallyu” is one of the problems. In the past, Anti-Hallyu in Japan turns political because Japanese people think Korean soap operas and music already affect their own culture contents. The Anti-Hallyu act not only happened in Japan, several months ago, Chinese Weibo users started an online protest to boycott JYP, another Korean entertainment company. A female singer appeared on a broadcast program holding a Taiwanese flag to symbolize her nationality, Chinese broadcasting stations in China banned TWICE (the group name), and Chinese netizens spreading the hashtag #boycottJYP on Weibo.
This is not the first time KPOP culture get boycott in the foreign country. SM Entertainment faced the same problem before. Especially because its “Slave Contract” and unfair treatment to artists. Han Geng, a Chinese artist from Super Junior, ended the contract with SM and left Super Junior because of the slave contract. He claimed that the SM Entertainment treated him unfairly with other domestic artists. Initially, he is not allowed to show his face on public stage but had to wear a mask to cover his face. Some issues are like this caused the legal battle between him and SM Entertainment. The same story happened in EXO. Three Chinese artists of EXO left the group one by one, they all paid the amount of money to SM to buy their freedom.
SM not only need to handle the contract problem but also needs to alert more competitors from indie music genre. With the growth of streaming service and indie music TV program, some indie artists are catching audiences’ eyeballs by their fabulous music contents. I would like to name some, Gary Kang Hee-gun, Zion T, and Hyukoh. They all reported by Billboard last year and got more than 1 million streams on Spotify.
SM Entertainment is a microcosm of the South Korea entertainment industry. It leads trends and create superstars. According to the news, SM is preparing to have a hand in the fashion business. I believe SM will continue its legend, but it will hard to be the king of the industry after they lost so many artists. The competition is not only from YG, JYP but also from indie musicians in the future.

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