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Sm Impacts on Fr Industry & Strategies for Fr to Capitalize Smm Tools

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SM Impacts on FR Industry & Strategies for FR to Capitalize SMM Tools
In just a few short years, social media (SM) has revolutionized the way people share information and communicate with each other, which turns the conversations into 140-word limited blips and makes e-mails, seemed outdated. While social media leaving its mark on commerce, fashion retailer (FR) industry no exception to adopt social media marketing (SMM) to positively influence consumers towards a website, company, brand, product, service, or a person.
Social media marketing is a term that describes use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. (Melissa B. et al, 2008) Common social media marketing tools, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr, etc. Due to the growing number of users as well as fashion consumers of these social media, there may have been tremendous and profound influence on fashion retailers as well as customers, whose tiny actions might spread like wildfire.
Positive Impacts on Fashion Retailers
First, social media can help fashion retailers to reach a large number of potential customers who immerse themselves in social media communities. Social media sites have the capability to reach large and targeted audience. According to a 2010 ExcatTarget report, companies active on Twitter are reaching nearly 11.5 million US consumers who use Twitter daily, and 5 percent of online consumers follow one brand or company on Twitter (Apparel Magazine, 2010). Moreover, these data still have been increasing by now. These social media common used provide a fine platform for fashion retailers to publish the message to let more customers know. In comparison with traditional marketing, fashion retailer could let more potential customers acquire their…...

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