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Smartphone Use Can Be Life Threatening

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Smartphone use can be Life Threatening

Driving down the road, on the right the driver is swerving, to the front the car does not seem to be able to maintain its speed. What could be going on, are the drivers drunk or perhaps having a medical emergency? Truth is the drivers are using their smartphones while they are driving. This is a theme that is becoming more and more apparent as technology becomes cheaper. New innovations bring more to the consumer’s finger tips than ever before. Smartphones can now be used as onboard GPS units, they have the ability to stream video or watch downloaded movies, texting, calling, almost anything imaginable can be accomplished with these newer devices but what they cannot do is improve a drivers skills or driving habits, in fact in most cases these devices impair one’s ability to drive safely. Smartphone/cell phone use needs to be banned from use in automobiles except to use for hands free communication only.
How can this problem be addressed so that the drivers of this Nation can feel safe without wondering what the driver next to them is doing on their cell phone. A Federal proposal that would ensure a nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving would help accomplish this. The proposal would allow officers to stop any driver that is using a cell phone as a primary offense. This means that if you have a cell phone in your hands for any reason you can be stopped for it. Why is such a harsh course of action required, as stated these unnecessary distractions can lead to serious injury or loss of life and that is a cost too great to ignore. This proposal would carry stiff punishments as well, since it has been shown that there is little difference between driving intoxicated or texting/cell phone use then the punishment should be similar. Society expects…...

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