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Snhu It-200 Milestone 2

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IT-200 Milestone Two
Southern New Hampshire University

Swagger Distribution’s networking illustration is showing a wired networking system for the company. As the diagram shows, the companies system is most important in the computer room. This is where most of the company’s connection begins. The internet, which is the WAN (Wide Area Network) is the beginning to the LAN (Local Area Network). This starts with the WAN coming into the computer room’s T1 Demarcation Router. The T1 Demarcation Router is then connected to the Main Router which has a connection to the Firewall as well as the Ethernet Switch. The Ethernet Switch then has a Fiber Optic cable connecting to the warehouse Remote Ethernet Switch. This allows the connectivity from the Remote Ethernet Switch to be connected to the PC’s in the shipping office. Going back to the Ethernet Switch, it is also connected to a Cross Patch Panel from which an Ethernet Drop is made allowing the data to be accessed from the offices.
It is important for the company to have access to all resources throughout the company. Having these connections allows it to do so. The key aspects to the network consists of Routers, Switches, Firewall, Servers, and PC’s. Amongst these, the Routers direct the data in which direction it needs to go while the Switches are forwarding the information to the devices that it is intended to go to. The Firewall is allowing certain information to be processed through to help protect the LAN from harm. The Servers are useful for storing data and allowing the users to access the resources. However, another important part of the LAN, is the PC’s that the users use in order to access such information.

Creating a wireless system for Swagger Distribution is incredibly fun. Starting out with the WAN going into the computer room, there is the firewall, modem and wireless router…...

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