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Social Environment Paper

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June 20, 2016

Foundations of Human Development in the social Environment

The bio-psycho-social development of humans is made up of three dimensions: biological, psychological and the social development. All three of these processes are essential for humans to develop. Biological, psychological and social development systems interact together as if in synchrony to create a person’s identity, behavior and personality. In human services, understanding the human development and how it affects an entity or an individual is significant. Even though two people are born to the same family, they will each have a different future. However, on the same note if a child that has parents who are addicts will be predisposed to an addiction even though this person is adopted to an outside family. It is critical to take all of these factors into consideration when viewing the person as a whole.
People’s genetics (biology), mental health and character (psychology) and social environment all contribute to the health or illness of a person. The biologic portion is contributed from the mother and the father of the individual, such as hormones, hereditary diseases, or infections. The psychological contributes self-control, negative and or positive thinking. The social would be, in the neighborhood a child is raised or the employment he or she has. All three of these together make up the entire entity of a human being. One alone, would not be enough to make up an individual’s outcome. Only all three combined determine the course of the life lived. If a person is predisposed (biology) to an addiction but early on learns tools (social) to overcome his or her weakness will greater the chances of his survival.
Human Diversity and Cultural Competence Human diversity is the wide range of…...

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