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Social messaging involves the exchange of information by staff members and executives. It makes status updates by the staff available to networks except in situations where it has been limited to staff members. It has enabled members learn from each other, share their ideas, important events or information that is relevant. In any company that seeks to give the best services then they ought to apply this system. We therefore discuss our views and approaches on social messaging.
Most companies have been able to employ this service. This is for a number of reasons. It enables companies to react to issues quickly and also adapting in it. It increases transparency in the process in which the business is involved in. Different topics and problems are brought up which are earlier discussed in meetings within project teams and departments. We can then conclude that social messaging promotes the transfer of information, solving of issues and the corporation in the company.
Although there are benefits that come with social messaging, there are also a few challenges facing it. They include security aspect whereby business secrets are protected. Members are made to value creation transparency as a requirement by the management, this among other challenges.
Approaches to social messaging
Plan ahead
Goes for brands that require internal and external approval before sending social messaging. Social media and editorial calendars are created ahead of the plan, a workflow is then established with a legal team to determine the time frame needed to create messaging, it is then approved and schedule. A lot of communication between the team is needed to put everyone on track (Janelle Vreeland 2013).
Guidelines on reference
The next way on how to approach social messaging is to create a guideline for users to use as a source of reference. Get what is accepted and what’s not…...

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