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Society Should and Can Model Itself on Natural Sciences

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Assess the view that sociology should and can model itself on the natural sciences
Natural sciences although they use objective methods to measure phenomenon they are also open to subjectivity; they include things like biology. Sayer suggests that in hard sciences like chemistry and physiology it is easy to measure objective facts. However, sociology can be compared to natural sciences such as meteorology where social phenomenon cannot be controlled in the same way. Therefore, sociology should and can model itself on natural sciences.
Shapin argues that’s scientific investigation has dominated all forms of thinking from the 18th Century until recently when post modernists have begun to challenge its relevance. Giddens believes that the success of early sociology was a result of Weber, Durkheim, Merton and Parsons promoting it is a science. The postmodernists approach stresses that science has five key components that distinguish it from other forms of knowledge. One key component is that science is empirical this is where data can be obtained through the senses; secondly science is theoretical, this enables scientists to uncover casual relationships between phenomenon’s, thirdly science is objective meaning that it is factual and isn’t influenced by opinions, science can also be tested and retested to produce information that is reliable and lastly science is cumulative meaning that one piece of research can always be built upon. Sociology has placed itself in the scientific arena because it was able to gain prestige as an academic subject and receive funding for its research, simply because scientific knowledege is regarded as superior by society. Wallace argues that we refer to 4 types of knowledge, but it is science that is regarded as the most important and because of this sociologist often have to pay attention to the methods of investigation that they use,…...

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