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“Rises in the number of divorces in the UK since the 1960's are due mainly to changes in the law”
(Asses the extent to which sociological evidence and arguments support this statement)

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage contract between two people. The divorce rate is the number of legal divorces filed per 1000 married people per year as opposed to the total number of divorces which is the entire amount of divorces filed.

The changes in the law is seen as on of the main reasons for the increase in divorce over the years.
As the years have past these changes have made divorce somewhat easier. One of the three changes in the law is known as Equalising the grounds for divorce between the sexes this meant that women were now able to freely file for divorce as only men could do previously.

Another change was the Widening the grounds for divorce, this was enforced in 1937 and therefore made divorce easier to obtain and allowed a doubling of the divorce rate because more reasons were now accepted for a divorce to take place.

The last change in the law includes, Making divorce cheaper, the introduction of this legal aid lowered the cost of divorces which allowed more couples to file for a divorce as it was more affordable also those of wealthy families found that it was easier to file for a divorce and pay the price rather than to actually work things out between their partner.
All three changes allowed the divorce rates to rise vastly. Due to the process being made easier for a lot of married couples.

A law which was introduced in the 1960's but was not did not come into effect until the early 1970's was the 1969 Divorce Law Reform Act. This law replaced the blame of divorce with 'irretrievable breakdown'.It proved that unreasonable behaviour, adultery,desertion or separation had taken place between a couple with or without consent.

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