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Sons of Guadalupe

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The small town of Guadalupe has Spanish history, as does most of the southwest region of the USA. Most of Guadalupe’s jobs center around agriculture.
“El Rincon del mundo” which is what the region was thought of, literally mean the edge of the world in English. The name of Guadalupe is derived from either “La virgen de Guadalupe” or “Rancho de Guadalupe”.


Oso Flaco or (skinny bear) is a salt water lake near Guadalupe, gets it’s name from a story of a Spanish adventurer who kills a bear then eats its meat not knowing that the bear had been poisoned by the local Native Americans. The teens of Guadalupe organize a youth group called “Thee Group B”. “The Group B” has it’s own house band called “Soul Explosion” which eventually changes it’s name to “Congress”. Soul Explosion and Thee Group B have bonfires and party at the outskirts of town.


In 1923 The Ten Commandments a silent movie by Cecil B. DeMille is shot at the southern end of Guadalupe. A gigantic set is created for the film, complete with 20-ton pharaoh statues and a “City of Pharaohs”. After completion of the film the set is bulldozed with sand giving it term “The Dune that never moves”. To big city folk like those whom make movies there, Guadalupe and her surrounding area looks very different from what they are used to, from it’s farmland, to the fact that in the whole town there is not a single traffic light, to it’s cities building’s being constructed in the 19th century.


Mr. Ishii owns a movie theater in Guadalupe, which is a very popular destination in any small town. The movie theater shows at various times English, Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog movies, which speaks to towns diversity. To the Spanish community the theater is where they go to see movies featuring Cantinflas a enormously…...

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