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Spectrum of Gamers

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Nicolas Huitron
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7 Oct. 2013
Spectrum of Gamers It’s a normal evening in my bedroom as I just sat down in my chair and getting ready to play a game of League of Legends. Armed with my mouse and keyboard as I hit the play button to queue for a game, other players doing the same. But no matter where you are playing, you will find the same three types of gamers to play with or against. These gamers fall into many different categories but they can be classified according to how they play the game, such as the toxic gamer, the friendly gamer and the unskilled gamer. The toxic gamers are the worst kind of gamers to play with. They play like the name implies--angry, foul, and irritable. These kinds of player make the team at risk to lose because of their cursing, bickering and calling other players names. Playing with these kinds of players can be a horrible experience as you become a target of their rage. Many players in this group are usually of the younger range of video game players. My friend Connor is this type of player. His anger at the unskilled players in League of Legends causes him to fuss about at the team. He gets mad at any sight of an error and causes him to be even more spiteful. These jerks of the game community usually leave everyone in the game in a bad mood and other players wonder how they are not banned from playing.
However, the friendly gamer is the complete opposite. This player usually is care-free and is not too worried about bad plays. He never gets discouraged or upset, just simply “it’s okay, we can still win”. My friend John falls into this category and he is usually the calmest player in every game. Even when we’re down a significant margin, he is still rallying the team and trying to win. Besides being calm and collected, the friendly gamer is like the team leader. John’s politeness and overall enthusiasm inspires the team to strive for victory. The friendly gamer is the best kind of gamer.
Last but not least, the unskilled gamer, also known as “the noob”. This type of gamer is the most distinct type of the gamers. Their lack of skill and knowledge make them disliked in the game community, but we were all there once. My friend Tyler would be known as this type of gamer. His poor strategy and lack of reaction time make it known that he is new. He often gives up objectives and doesn’t get a single kill. These beginning players skill will advance with time and experience.
Playing video games would not be the same without these three types of gamers. The toxic gamers bring a game nothing but problems and anger. The friendly gamer provide the “we can win” attitude for the team. But the unskilled gamer bring the players to play the game.…...

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