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Unit 8 Exercise 1 Mechanical Splice of Fiber Optic Cables
Lisa Reddick
Mr. Carson
May 23, 2014

Instructions for splicing fiber optic cable with the AFL CS004162 mechanical splice kit.
These instructions describe the operation of the Splice Connect Universal Mechanical Splicing Tool. Please be sure to read these instructions carefully before proceeding.
WARNING: Always wear eye protection when handling optical fibers. Dispose of any cut or cleaved ends properly. Do not touch the wedge with bare hands.
The Splice Connect CS004162 Universal Mechanical Splicing Tool Kit Contains:
• Mechanical Splicing Tool
• Instruction Manual
• Fiber Holder (900µm)
• Fiber Holder (250µm)
• Instructions Video (CD)
• Carrying Case
Tools and materials required:
• CT-30A Universal Cleaver (recommended)
• Fiber Prep Fluid
• Marking Pen
• Fiber Stripper
• Lint-free Cloth Wipes
Identify components of the kit.
Securely set the mechanical splice into the tool with the “F” logo upside down and on the left side.
Push the Red lever fully to engage the wedge into the splice.
Avoid damage to the fibers by making sure the fiber holder grooves and stripper are free of dust.
For 250µm: Mark 35mm from the end of the fiber. Strip the fiber to the mark. Clean the bare fiber.
For 900µm: Mark 35mm from the end of the fiber. Strip the fiber to the mark by removing 7mm at one time. Clean the bare fiber.
For 250µm: Place end of the fiber coating at the 10mm mark on the cleaver and cleave the bare fiber. The result is 10mm of bare fiber remaining after cleave.
For 900µm: Place end of the fiber coating at the 15mm mark on the cleaver and cleave the bare fiber. The result is 15mm of bare fiber remaining after cleave.
For 250µm: Set the fiber onto the holder with a protrusion of 25mm (10mm of bare fiber and 15mm of buffer coating). Gripping the front portion of the holder, slide the clamp downwards to lock the fiber.
For 900µm: Set the fiber onto the holder with a protrusion of 25mm (15mm of bare fiber and 10mm of buffer coating).
Set the fiber holder in the tool in line with the arrows on the rail. The fiber end should coincide with the tip of the fiber guide.
Slide the fiber holder forward until it is secured by the fiber holder lock.
Repeat steps for the opposite fiber.
Insert opposite side of holder and fiber should bend on the side of the inserted holder.
Except for 250µm to 900µm, the fiber on the opposite side of the inserted fiber holder should bend.
Press down the fiber bend and the opposite side should form a bend.
Balance the fiber bends on both sides. If the fiber bends cannot be balanced, restart the process with a new mechanical splice.
When the fiber bends on both sides are balanced, push the yellow lever to disengage the wedge. Fiber splice is completed.
For 250µm: Release the fibers from the fiber holder by sliding the clamps towards the splice side. Make sure the fiber does not get caught by any part of the splice tool. Remove the splice gently.
For 900µm: Release the fibers from fiber holders by opening the fiber holder covers. Make sure the fiber does not get caught by any part of the splice tool. Remove the splice gently.
Slide the fiber holder backwards and remove it from the lock. Do not keep the fiber holders locked in the tool.


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