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Petition for Change to Diploma Document Petition summary and background | Since this document represents many years of study and thousands of dollars, we are requesting that a customary scholarly font be used to distinguish the recipient. This will reflect appropriately, the achievements earned at this accredited institution of higher learning. Keeping with the formalities of the ritual of the cap and gown, the scholarly style of lettering is also an academic ceremonial tradition and should not be disregarded. | Action petitioned for | We, the undersigned, are concerned students who urge our BOR to act now to order the change of the current font used for all receipts names, on all future graduation degree documents. In keeping of the academic tradition, we request our names be inscribed on the document in a formal calligraphic font which is appropriate for this application; rather than the currently used plain block primary font. |

Printed Name | Signature | Address | Comment | Graduation Date | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills State University Student | | | | | Black Hills…...

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...Betty Bates AC1300186 Introduction to Ecology Assignment 8 The Northern Spotted Owl Habitat vs. Logging Interests in the Pacific Northwest The Northern Spotted Owl (Strix Occidentalis Courina) likes to live in older forest growths. It is often thought of as the medium sized owl, but in reality, it is the largest owl in North America. Spotted owls do their hunting at night. The spotted owl’s diet consists mainly of small rodents, other birds and reptiles, but have been seen feeding on cairns, and insects. Owls are usually found in California and the Pacific North West in the United States, where they live in old forest growths. (The Defenders of Wild Life). They will not tolerate habitat “disturbance” and are very protective of their territory in which they live, and hunt. Owls prefer tall trees with broken tops where they can fly under and past these broken tops, where they like to nest and raise their young. The Northern spotted owl is a protected species. Due to extensive logging, the owls and their habitat is swiftly declining at an alarming rate; they were added to the endangered species list in the early “1990s” (The Defenders of Wildlife). Unfortunately, the habitat they prefer is a direct target for the logging industry the cutting of trees in their habitat, conversion of land, wind storms, and wildfires have decreased their numbers“( example: 100 pair in British Columbia, 1200 pair in Oregon, 560 pair in Northern California, and 500......

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...Northern spotted owl vs. Logging interest in the Pacific Northwest The rich ecosystem of the old growth forest provides a home for the Northern spotted owl, and a habitat for the owl’s primary prey. However, these same towering trees of cedars and firs which serve as the owls’ habitat, is also the primary source of a multi-billion dollar logging industry. However, if the forest is destroyed due to logging, the Northern spotted owl will lose its habitat. The Northern spotted owl has been on the rapid decline, with over half of the population being wiped out. The old growth forest, the home of the spotted owl, has become a huge income earning logging industry that has created jobs for thousands of workers. As a result of logging, approximately only 10% of the original forest remains intact leaving limited space for the already dwindling number of the owls in the region. In response to this decline, environmentalist petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to place the owl on the endangered species list, arguing that as an indicator species, the northern spotted owl is a gauge of the health of the forest that provides its habitat. Since the main threat to the spotted owl is habitat loss due to logging, the US government declared the owl as a threatened species in 1990, a move which was vehemently opposed by the timber industry, as millions of acres of Pacific Northwest forest was protected to help slow or even reverse the decline in owl......

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...It goes without saying that human beings find beauty in all things rare. We covet uniqueness, scarcity and anything special. This does not exclude the many threatened and endangered species in the U.S. The Northern spotted owl is one of those precious gems. As its population declines due to deforestation, conservationists fight the timber industry. However, pointing fingers at Pacific Northwest loggers, Americans who work hard for their families, doesn’t seem to be solving the crisis. Spotted owls make their homes within the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. Massive trees, (cedars, firs, hemlocks and spruces to name a few), sink their roots deep into the soil. These aging trees serve to prevent landslides, erosion and give homes to the many forest creatures. 150 years of logging has left a mere ten percent of these forests. Fewer trees mean fewer spotted owls. Forced to live in “cluster habitats”, or small pieces of protected forest, young owls have little territory to disperse to and their survival rate has dropped. “If habitat destruction is halted soon, there will therefore be some owls left after 100 or even 200 years, barring other catastrophes ( Doak, 1989.)” Throughout Washington and Oregon about 2,500 to 3,000 pairs of Northern spotted owls still reside in old growth. Their numbers continue to plummet. The Pacific Northwest depends greatly upon independent and large timber companies. As a whole, the multi-billion dollar industry eradicates 125,000......

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