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Name Company Name Number of Machines

Expresso HD Bicycle Interactive Fitness 2

ArcTrainer Eliptical Cybex 10

750R Bicycle Cybex 4

Cyclone Bicycle Cybex 9

Legacy 750T Cybex 12

Step Machine Cybex 2

Row Machine Cybex 1

Overhead Press Cybex 2

Abdominal Machine Cybex 1

Lateral Raise Cybex 1

Torso Rotation Cybex 1

Lat Pulldown Cybex 1

Back Extension Cybex 1

Prone Leg Curl Cybex 1

Seated Leg Curl Cybex 2

Hip Abduction/ Adduction Cybex 2

Leg Press Cybex 2

Calf Raise Cybex 1

Leg Extension Cybex 3

Arm Curl Cybex 1

Chest Press Cybex 2

Tricep Press Cybex 1

Dip/ Chin Press Cybex 1

Fly/ Rear Delt Cybex 1

Squat Rack Hammer Strength 5

Iso-Lateral Leg Extension Hammer Strength 1

Dual Pulley Row Life Fitness 1

Low Row Life Fitness 1

Linear Leg Press Hammer Strength 1

Adjustable Cable Crossover Life Fitness 1

Bench Press Machine Life Fitness 4

Incline Bench Press Life Fitness 2

Power Clean Pad Hammer Strength 1

Adjustable Pulley Life Fitness 1

Ab Machine Life Fitness 3

5 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

10 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

15 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

20 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

25 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

30 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

35 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

40 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

45 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

50 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 6

55 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

60 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

65 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

70 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

75 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

80 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

85 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

90 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

95 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

100 lb Dumbbell Life Fitness 2

20 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

30 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

40 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

50 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

60 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

70 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

80 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

90 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

100 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

110 lb Barbell Life Fitness 1

221 lb Medicine Ball Reactor 1

44 lb Medicine Ball Reactor 1…...

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...  • FREE OPERATIONS TRAININ • FREE TECHNICAL TRAINING   FREE DELIVERY                                                                                18,000 Location 132 V. LUNA ROAD EXTENSION SIKATUNA VILLAGE QUEZON,CITY   NEAR CAMP CARINGAL LOOK FOR: MR. RICMAR YTING AND MS. DINAH GOROSPE MS. RHIZA BAGSIK SALES MANAGER     CALL US NOW! EXCITING PROMOS AND FREEBIES AWAIT YOU! TEL. NOS. 433-5671 • 433-3413 • 435-3533 MOBILE NOS. • 0906-328-4737 (GLOBE) • 0922-207-4051 (SUN) • 0947-177-4969 (SMART) #09277507384 (GLOBE) #09292688228 (SMART) *09236575658 (SUN) *09154997653 (GLOBE) PHOTO DIGITAL PRINTING MACHINE If you are interested in setting-up a DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTING BUSINESS commercial or home based and cannot afford the machines used by other digital printing companies or don’t have the knowledge w/ this kind of business. We can help you start your own digital photo printing business for a complete package price of P21,000.00 ONLY. ALL EQUIPMENTS ARE BRAND NEW & w/ WARRANTY. We used high quality non-fading ink that would last for 100 years. (Super vivid colors ang quality at di po sya kumukupas kahit mabasa or maarawan) Digital photo printing business is now emerging as profitable market boosted by the growing number of affordable camera phones and digital cameras. Low capital but higher profit compared to Internet Café Business. ROI: 4 to 6 mos. (depending upon your shop location) With...

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