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Ssk 12 Learning Log a

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|Student Number |32065721 |
|Surname |McDonald |
|Given name |Suzanne |
|Email | |
| | |
|Unit Code |SSK12 |
|Unit name |Introduction to University Learning |
|Date |22 September 2012 |
|Assignment name |Learning Log A |
|Tutor |Greg Brotherson |

|Student’s Declaration: |
|Except where indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another |

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...aim is to make them self dependent. I went inside 2 rooms to check out the kind of work being carried out there, there were designs made and they were displayed on the walls. I asked if this initiative helped them in earning money or if they got some money, the answer to this question was that it merely helped them in self sustaining, they are not paid any money however, they earn by the kind of assignments they get. There’s no time limit for any courses but women working there said that it takes anywhere between 90-120 days to be skilled in stitching, they appreciated the woman who taught them a lot. When we were interacting also, the teacher was teaching the art of stitching to them. It was good to see that because at least they are learning something and in the long run it will help them a lot to become self sustained. 3 4 TUESDAY Today we went to Smile foundation for updating them about our experience of center visit as they had asked for our experience and suggestions for improvement. We had noted down our experience about the health camp, Mission Education and Swabhimaan center and shared with our coordinator, Megha Ma’am. Now we are required to work on the questionnaire and get to upload it on the site, we have decided to show them pilot test using classmarker site by Friday. We still need to interview few departments because our main Coordinator Swatantra Sir is out of town and will be back on Monday, he needs to contribute for Corporate Partnership......

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