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Stanly Park Air Report

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Stanley Park Air Report
September 2, 2013
Todd Trammell

Stanley Park Air Report

Describe the operation of common air monitoring
The mission of air quality sampling and monitoring is to preserve and improve the quality of the air we breathe (Nathanson, 2008). In order to properly conduct air monitoring the status of the atmosphere must first be evaluated and compared to the clean air standards (Nathanson, 2008). In order for the city of Kelsey to meet air quality needs for the Stanley Park Project some issues need to be addressed to control air pollutants such as hazardous toxic air pollutants and criteria pollutants (Nathanson, 2008). Some forms of criteria pollutants that might be found in the city of Kelsey includes lead, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, while hazardous air pollutants could include asbestos, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, methanol and phosphorus (Nathanson, 2008).
The city of Kelsey will have to ensure that it meets the standards for air monitoring and air pollution control by instilling the proper air monitoring technologies for their city. EPA programs can prevent deterioration of air quality in the city of Kelsey if it is relatively free of contaminations’, but the city must first establish standards for each criteria pollutant (Nathanson, 2008). Each year the EPA would examine air pollution trends found in the city of Kelsey, looking for any of the six principal pollutants that might be present to give the city better air quality (Nathanson, 2008). Documentation would be conducted to the National Air Quality and Emissions Trends that would report changes in air pollution within the city of Kelsey.
There are two types of air standards in air sampling and monitoring that includes primary and secondary standards. Primary air standards protect against health…...

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