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Star Wars a New Hope Based on Christianity

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Star wars is a mighty film in this industry that has overcome many obstacles throughout history. One of the main issues that has come up time and time again would be the issue of World View. George Lucas the director and creator of the movie Star Wars a New Hope, is constantly questioned if he put religion into the mix when he created the movie. Lucas has claimed “That the Force is not an alternative religious option, and certainly not the religious option, but is instead little more than a plot device to allow certain aspects of the fantasy to develop,” as stated from bethinking’s article on the force. As people watch the movie, are there any hidden messages that could be found guiding one's world view? Some say Buddhism is very prevalent while others point out the many parallels Christianity has with the creation of the Force. Analyzing both viewpoints, Christianity has more examples and support, as the worldview over Star Wars a New Hope. The Force is a religion that is created in the movie that Lucas molds from major religions including Christianity. For example the movie molds Christian sayings like “May God be with you” to “May the Force be with you” as pointed out from John McDowell in his article for Bethinking. They also treated the force like it was the almighty comforting grace. Just as if Jesus is the rock that all Christians stand on. The force has also come to have a good side and a dark side. We can easily view that as a representation of our entire religion, Christianity has a good side and an evil side. The entire religion is based on spiritual warfare, that is very similar to the battle created between the light and dark sides of the force. The light side represents all thats good and the Jedi uphold and defend that side of the force. This is very much like how we as Christians are called to uphold and defend God to the world and all who go…...

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