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Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking Story Life

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His parents are Frank and Isabel Hawking. In his pregnancy life stage (9 months to birth) his parents had struggles as in they didn’t have much money. It was the beginning of World War II and the onslaught of German bombs. So these political issues probably affected Isabel Hawking as she had stressful pregnancy and probably because of not having much money, she was not having a proper healthy diet.

Childhood (4-9 years):
He started his schooling at the Byron House; he later blamed its “progressive methods” for his failure to learn read while at the school. So which means his intellectual milestones was happening slowly. This is probably due to his illness. In St Albans, when he was 7, he went to St Albans High School for Girls for a few months; at that time, younger boys could attend one of the houses. This could affect his life as in intellectual way because he changed school lots of time, which means he probably had to catch up a lot of things. That will also affect his emotionally and socially developments because it might be hard for him to find right friends otherwise his motivation will emotionally gone down.

Adolescence (10-18 years):
When he was 10 years old he attended Radlett School for a year and from September 1952, St Albans School. His family placed a high value on education so that’s why his father wanted him to attend the well-regarded Westminster School, but he was ill on the day for scholarship examination. His family could not afford the school. His family could not afford the fees without scholarship so he stayed at St Albans. For the emotionally and socially factors, it was good for him because he stayed with a close group of friends with whom he enjoyed playing board games, the manufacture of fireworks, model aeroplanes and boats, and also long…...

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