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Strategies for Building Effective Relationships

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Strategies for Building Effective Relationships


Strategies for Building Effective Relationships
Building effective relationships requires time and effort. The most effective relations take many forms and are fruitful, effective and satisfying. This only occurs when the parties involved cultivate a level of high trust in their relationships, also called inter-dependence. For this paper we will discuss the basic skills that a leader must possess in order to succeed in building effective relationships. We will also discuss some of the methods used to build effective relationships with superiors and peers. Finally we will look at the role of the leader in different participatory management methods.
Leader Skills
These features not only facilitate a relationship to mature and deliver exceptional results, but just as importantly, they also preclude a relationship from unravelling under the weight of confusion and external stimuli – a vital aspect in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world Anyone coming up thru the ranks in the military and in the civilian sector knows that in order for a leader to be successful that they must possess certain leadership skills. Although not all inclusive, these skills will set up a leader to be successful. These skills include: organization and time management, selling skills, resource acquisition and management, technologically savvy, persuasive and negotiating skills, and ethics (Javitch, 2009).
Companies are not only looking for leaders who will be able to take over and get the job done, they are looking for leaders with the ability to be organized. Keeping everything running smoothly is part of a good leader. This includes the proper management of time. A good leader creates and follows a schedule, leaving room for unforeseeable changes that occur.
Another skill that a leader should possess are…...

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