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Student Test Scores

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Student Test Scores used for indicating a School’s Competency
Student’s test scores are regarded as a pivotal means of evaluating an institution’s progress relative to all other institutions. Traditionally, students securing high scores are considered as the apple of everyone’s eye and all the schools view them as their prized resources that are a means of enhancing the reputation of the institute (Astin, 5). This essay caters with a meticulous account of the extent to which test scores are beneficial in assessing a school’s competency. It highlights the factors affecting the evaluation based upon assessments of school competency level linked to student test scores. It also presents some alternative methods in deploying the use of test scores in a more accurate way in order to measure school competency thoroughly.
Test Scores Indicate Proficiency of Learning at School
Test scores are a useful tool in evaluating the performance of schools provided they are interpreted very carefully, keeping in mind the reasons and objectives of tests. A single test can only reflect a sample of skills; therefore, every score involves error to some extent. Majority of factors influence scores, particularly validity and reliability. If reliable tests are taken at regular intervals, they yield consistent results. Valid tests like the ones testing reading decoding skills of students are helpful in sorting out the weak and strong students. Due to this reliable and valid tests are extremely beneficial in sorting out the good category of students (Popham, 15).

Apart from this, some test scores only cater certain purposes. Standard scores and percentiles do not provide evidence for student growth, they only provide a relative standing compared to…...

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