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Successful Pr Campaigns

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Successful PR Campaigns
MT359: Advertising, Promotion, PR: IMCS

Marketing a product is critical to its success and using different public relations campaigns is a way of getting the name out there. PR campaigns can be positive or negative but in some cases this does not matter. The objective is to have potential customers talking about the product. As technology and mass marketing advances companies realize this is the best platform to display their PR campaigns. The tricky part is in standing out amongst the crowd of so many.
One of the most successful PR campaign was actually done by a battery company by the name of Rayovac. Who would have thought that such hype could come from a battery company? Their campaign increased their followers by 30% in only 2 days (Black, L., 2011). This number is staggering, definitely one any company would want to replicate. Knowing mass media was the best way to their consumers, Rayovac Batteries maximized the opportunity they had of consumers being stuck at home during one of the worst snow storms in February of 2011. The basis of the campaign was to draw awareness of their company. They created a fun virtual snowball fight on twitter where every follower that threw a virtual snowball to someone also changed their twitter profile picture to a Rayovac branded image (Black, L., 2011). This campaign had to be created quickly as the time was limited for this weather situation when it would be most impactful. The company kept things light and fun. Nationally the campaign was being called one big snowball party (, 2012). The fact here is Rayovac accomplished their goal to put their name out there for others to see. When a consumer goes to shop for a battery, the first battery company name the recall will be Rayovac. Now that Rayovac has their name in their minds, this is where some additional…...

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