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Describe how businesses have adapted their corporate strategies (not tactics) to incorporate sustainability.
With the rising importance of sustainability initiatives, it has become increasingly important for companies to incorporate sustainability practices into their corporate strategies. Corporate strategies have undergone significant changes with the inclusion of sustainability. Public perception of corporate brand has had a significant impact on business. Companies can no longer consider only profit. Other factors must now be included in strategy such as the environment and society. Companies must adapt their strategy and incorporate sustainability into their culture. Companies are also forced to consider ethics, community citizenship and human rights. Consumers are not the only perceptions that matter, however. Studies are showing that employees want to work for a company that is environmentally friendly and that they feel they can make an impact. Businesses are now finding themselves embedding sustainability into their corporate culture. A large reason for this is short tenure for CEOs. By embedding this initiative into the culture, the sustainability strategies don’t lose momentum when there is a position change at the top of the company.
Companies also have to adapt with the inclusion of sustainability due to the scarcity of resources. Resource scarcity is becoming a major issue that is forcing companies to include sustainability in their corporate strategies. Many companies are adapting by making changes to their supply chain. Efficiency and collaboration have become essential to respond to the risk of resource scarcity. Efficiently using resources is seen as the most plausible course of action in response to scarcity. Companies are also moving to make strategic alliances and partnerships with suppliers in order to become more efficient.
Innovation has also become a major adaptation when it comes to sustainability. Companies are reconsidering how their current products are manufactured and are attempting to make the processes more sustainable. Recycling of materials has been a significant result of this. Companies are learning to reuse materials and resources and are sometimes able to sell recycled materials. Companies are also looking into how their products impact the environment. For example, Proctor and Gamble has developed detergent that works well with cold water, therefore reducing energy needed in each laundry cycle. Sustainable innovative product development is helping corporations boost their image and develop advantages over their competitors.

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