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Sustainable Living-Reality

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Sustainable Living
Study Guide

Unit 7- EMPOWERMENT • No Impact Man epilogue • Plan B pages 241-249, 266-268 • Green Living Handbook pages 100-107

The Study Guides for each chapter are designed to help you focus your studies. These will NOT be turned in for credit. However, you may use them to help you during your quizzes, and quiz questions will be based on the study guides. Your quizzes will be timed, so it will behoove you to have prepared your answers to these questions!

No Impact Man Epilogue

I don’t have any study guide questions for you from the epilogue. Just read the chapter and think about what Beavan learned through his family’s year of living with limited impact. I also suggest you look through the appendix to see the wealth of resources provided for moving forward with any of the topics discussed in the book.

Plan B pages 241-268 Can we Mobilize Fast Enough?

What is tax shifting?

When indirect costs, such as climate change, oil industry tax breaks and subsidies, and treatment of related respiratory illnesses are calculated, what does gasoline cost per gallon?

Currently, the world’s taxpayers are spending how much money to subsidize environmentally destructive activities such as fossil fuel burning, over-pumping aquifers, clear-cutting forests, and over-fishing?

What can I do?

Green Living Handbook pages 100-107

How can you easily double your positive impact on the Earth?

What are some ways you can take this program into the workplace to save money, resources, and the future of our planet? List at least 5 changes you could make at work.

What are some ideas you have to make your community more “Earth-friendly”? List at least 5.

What are some ways you can instigate those…...

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