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[BUSINESS POLICY AND STRATEGY] | Due Date : 1 November 2012 |


Singapore airlines began with the incorporation of Malayan Airways Limited and was formed in the formation of two entities: Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines System due to political disagreements between Singapore and Malaysia .However,SIA commence its operation in 1 October 1972 (1972-10-01), and has formed a respectable position in the airline industry ever since. SIA has diversified airline-related businesses, such as aircraft handling and engineering. Its wholly owned subsidiary, SilkAir, manages regional flights to secondary cities with smaller capacity requirements. Subsidiary Singapore Airlines Cargo operates SIA's dedicated freighter fleet, and manages the cargo-hold capacity in SIA's passenger aircraft. On 15 December 2010, Singapore Airlines was announced by the International Air Transport Association as the second largest airline in the world by market capitalisation with a worth of 14 billion US dollars. People often prioritizes Singapore Airlines when they are making choices to travel. They fly one of the youngest fleets in the world to destinations spanning a network spread over six continents. Singapore Airlines has also marked their positions in the airline serving industry as they provide world-class services and they tend to the passengers with their utmost ability, being trained professionally, the airline crew are able to handle the worst of situations in a professional way. Singapore Airlines is also the first airline to introduce the offer of free headsets, a choice of meals and free drinks in the year 1970s. Singapore airlines was the first to introduce entertainment on…...

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