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Tailgate Trainig

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Tailgate safety training When conducting a tailgate training session, the duration of the tailgate session is a very important issue. There are numerous considerations for how long such a session should last. These factors such as the attention span of the group, the content meant for that session and whether the session is during the workday and scheduled as overtime. The other factors to consider include: * The number of people in the group, a larger group will require more time. * Training technique used. Some training techniques will take more time than others and therefore it is advisable to plan accordingly. * The training environment available. If the training environment available for a particular session is not suitable for interaction and participation, it means the session will last for a short period. If the atmosphere available encourages active participation and interaction among members of the group, the session is likely to last longer. * The number of learning activities in the program. Programs with many learning activities will last longer than those with few learning activities. * The size of the room available for the group. Larger rooms will incorporate more activities in comparison to smaller rooms; sessions carried in large rooms will last longer. * Personal skills among the group members, a group with highly skilled members will take a shorter time in a training session when compared to a group with less skilled people. * Complexity of the training materials. If the training materials are easier to read and understand, the training session will take less time. * Time of the day. Usually, training sessions at the start of the day will last longer in comparison to those carried out at the end of the day. * The person conducting the training. Since anyone from the manager…...

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