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Software Testing
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Terms: Error, Defect, Fault, Failure for LO: 1.1.5
ISTQB Exam Question Syllabus Level: CTFL 2010

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Date Reviewed

Hans Schäfer / Thomas Müller
4-Jan-2010 (reworked 11-Jan-2010)
Mette Bruhn-Pedersen / Hans Schaefer
10-Jan-2010 / 11-Jan-10

ID CTFL-LO-1.1.5(Non-Scenario) Conventional MC (Type A) Question
Description part
Below you find a list of descriptions of problems that can be observed
Question (stem) during testing or operation. Which is most likely a failure?

Correct Answer

A. The product crashed when the user selected an option in a dialog box.
B. One source code file included in the build was the wrong version
C. The computation algorithm used the wrong input variables.

Justification for
Correct Answer

Partial Scoring
Syllabus Ref.

Version 1.0

D. The developer misinterpreted the computational requirement for that algorithm. A is clearly a failure that can be observed during testing.
B From the perspective of the configuration adding a wrong version is a fault, most probably based on a mistake by the developer / CM manager
C Fault
D Mistake
1.1.2 Causes of software defects
LO-1.1.5: Explain and compare the terms error, defect, fault, failure and corresponding terms mistake and bug using examples (K2)
K2, Understand
K3, Apply
K4, Analyse
Accepted with comments
The ID is a different format than the other ones. However perhaps this is a better format and we should change the others instead.
TM accepted changes and corrected the issues.

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