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Taxation of High Fat Foods

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Taxation of High Fat Foods
It is no secret that foods that are high in fats, such as cakes, sodas, or any other sweets, can lead to health concerns. Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease just to name a few, are some of the numerous health risks that could result from eating foods that are high in fats. Some suggest placing a tax on high fat foods to help raise awareness of the risks to an individual’s health, as well possibly deterring people from consuming too much of the fatty foods.
Taxing foods high in fat because of the harmful risks they pose is almost as ridiculous as taxing people for taking baths because of the risk of drowning. Why not tax people when there is a thunderstorm, for the risk of being struck by lightning. People already understand the risks of eating such foods, but yet, we still live in a country that leads the world in obesity. There is already taxes on almost everything we purchase anyway, to add a separate tax on foods that are not as healthy as other foods is just another way to tap into our pockets. In 2012 New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg proposed a bill to ban the sale of sugary drinks that exceeded 16 ounces. This was an attempt by the mayor to increase awareness of the health risks of consuming too much sugary drinks and foods, as well as make the citizens of New York City healthier. After the bill was passed there was an uproar from not only the American Beverage Association, and the entire soft drink industry, but also New Yorkers far and wide refuted the limitation on what size soft drink they were “allowed” to purchase. In 2014 the sugary drink limitation was lifted and New Yorkers were once again permitted to consume as much unhealthy, obesity causing liquid refreshment as they desired.
Personally, I am all about eating clean, healthy food. I try to purchase all natural, organic food to give to my family. Fatty foods such…...

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