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Teaching Middle and High School Students Literature

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Teacher and Author: Teaching Middle and High School Using Literature

Sandra Coleman

Grand Canyon University

RGD 545

Professor Karen Foster

February 27, 2008

Teaching Middle and High School Student Using Literature


I. Short Stories

a) Activating Prior Knowledge b) Responding to the Selection c) Short Story Selections 1. Suggested Activities to use with Various Groups

II. Oral Tradition Literature – Tall Tales and Folktales

a) Analyze characteristics and plots of Folktales and Tall Tales b) Understanding Hyperbole c) Writing a Tall Tale d) Selections of Oral Tradition Literature

III. Novel Studies

a) Previewing the novel b) Defining and Understanding Elements of c) Character Analysis d) Problems and Solutions of the story

IV. Historical Fiction

a) Activating background/prior knowledge b) Setting a purpose for reading c) Writing about historical fiction

V. Realistic Fiction

a) Evaluating Realistic Fiction b) Responding to the selection c) Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion d) Summarizing the Story
Chapter 1 – Short Stories:

A short story is, like the name says, a short literary composition. The action is compact and every single event is crucial to the development of the plot. The time span covered within the action of a short story could vary from a few hours to days or years. A short story could have elements of present events, flashbacks to account for what happens and futuristic insights. The essential parts of a short story are: the…...

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