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Team 90

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Team # 90

Client (Company): Wal-Mart
Chosen target country: Malaysia
Product/Service: We are proposing to Wal-Mart to build a new store in a location that consumers do not have access to one. In this particular store, we want Wal-Mart to focus on grocery goods that are specific for that area, paper goods, chemicals, and a pharmacy. We will also be proposing using this location to test the effects of Square Wallet application on sales.

Number of pages, including title page: 40
Team members:
Name Country Did Not Participate
(Please make a note if this teammate did not contribute during the project, has not replied to emails, etc.).
La’Keisha Shaw United States-NC
Logan Healy United States-DC
Renata Ortiz Jafet Brazil
Hafiz Asjad Ali Pakistan Did Not Participate
Chye Boon Check Malaysia

Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary 3
2. The Organization 5
3. Product/Service 9
4. Market Opportunity Analysis 11
5. Basic Characteristics of the New Market 18
6. Economic Environment 21
7. Political and Legal Environment, Government 26
8. Cultural Environment 29
9. Entry Mode 32
10. Staffing 34
11. Marketing 37
12. Appendices 38 Executive Summary
• The organization: We would like to develop an economically viable international business proposal for Wal-Mart.
• Product/service: We are proposing Wal-Mart to build a new store in a location that consumers do not have access to one. In this particular store, we want Wal-Mart to focus on grocery goods that are specific for that area, paper goods, chemicals, and pharmacy. We will also be proposing using this location to test the effects of Square Wallet application on sales.
• Key market characteristics needed for the product/service to be successful: The key market characteristics needed for this…...

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