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81 Zidan street MAtbaa – DAr elsalam
To develop my experience, background and interpersonal skills, and more specifically, to enhance my knowledge and experience in the different areas which related to my career.

November 2005 - till date Bank of Alexandria-Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Feb 2008 till date
Product Development & Marketing Associete ( Assets product manager ) – Retail Banking
1. Enhance existing financial products to keep its sales at acceptable levels
2. Use innovative techneques in designing products to enhance bank image
3. Identify revenue opportunities to add to bank
4. Study market segments and explore the possibilities of introducing new scheme to special segments to increase market penetration
5. Monitor performance of the products/ services by tracking performance closely
6. Work with communications to develop media plan
7. Develop products to achieve the desired sales levels

8. Managing the second largest Retail Assets Portfolio in Egypt with total receivables of € 1 Billion
9. Revamping products credit policies as well as introducing new product programs catering for A-C segments and self employed categories
10. Market Segmentation and Identification of untapped opportunities maximizing market share
11. Building up in collaboration with credit and operations functions Strong business backbone and up - scaled processing capacity for business centralization. Business Flow Management System
12. Establishing a comprehensive Auto Loans business model with expanded dealers network coverage and full scaled Incentives structure
13. Managing Taxi replacement project as Alex Bank is the Primary retail financer for this Project in collaboration with the Ministry Of Finance. Portfolio Size of € 100M
14. Managing Governmental sector PILs " Achieve your Dreams…...

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Team Leader with 8.5 Yrs Experience * Strong communication skills which helps in creating new business opportunities and maintain the existing tie-ups to ensure future prospects. * Efficiently managed any change and developed the team accordingly. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS MANAGEMENT SKILLS * Supervise the team of 20 to 30 people * Scheduling events * Ensure compliance to company methodology and quality standards * Handle Client Accounts Improve customer service based on client feedback through the development of new policies and procedures * Maintain good staff relations through effective communication, leadership, discipline and motivation TRAINING SKILLS * Conduct training on company’s product. * Provide new updates to the team members related to the products and processes Education | * Bachelors of science from Calcutta University – 2005 * Class XII( BIO SC) -2003 from Gyan Bharati Vidyapith * Class X -1999 from Gyan Bharati Vidyapith Professional Experience | IBM Daksh Process services Ltd (Currently acquired by Concentrix India ltd) (October 2010 – Till Date) Lead Analyst Roles & Responsibilities: * Leading a team of agents, monitoring operations in compliance with service level agreement. * Analyzing key performance metrics (Productivity, attrition, shrinkage, quality and calibration of the process......

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