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Unit 3 Assignment 1: Video Summary 1

* CPU: The central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main processing unit of the personal computer (PC). It has an integral relationship with the motherboard and the system memory. These three devices control the data-processing aspect of the PC. Drives handle data storage, and input/output (IO) interfaces allow human interaction, communications with peripherals, and network communication. * Clock Rate: The actual speed of the (CPU) is governed by a BIOS setting called the clock rate. CPUs run in a range of speeds, not just one specific speed. Increasing the CPU is called over-clocking. It improves performance, but it comes at a cost. The faster the CPU runs, the hotter it gets. If it gets too hot, the BIOS shuts down the CPU. * CPU Interfaces and Sock Types * Chipset help direct and process data and commands for the CPU. * Sockets allow the CPU to connect to the Computer. * The motherboard provides power to the CPU. * It measure the temperature and controls fans to cool the CPU. * The motherboard shuts down the PC it the CPU is too hot to prevent damage. * System Memory: There are two major types of memory: dynamic and static. Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) loses information in the absence of power. Static Ram (SRAM retains its data like a hard drive regardless of power state. In general, DRAM is used as system memory, and SRAM is used for cache and storage devices. * SDRAM: is neither a contradiction in terms nor a type of hybrid RAM. It actually stands for Synchronous Dynamic RAM. (DDR), DDR2, and DDR3. All these types of Ram use a com- * Other Types of RAM: RAMBUS inline Memory Module (RIMM) This Ram is often called RDRAM, is found in some game console systems and a limited number of PCs. * VRAM and Virtual RAM: VRAM is video Ram for the use of the Graphic Processing Unit…...

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