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Terror in Todays Society

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Terror in Today’s Society

Joel Miller

ENG 122

Instr. Carolyn Karas

July 22, 2013

Terrorists have a huge impact on society and have for many years and even though terrorists are winning by putting continual fear into citizens, trying to disrupt the economy, with continuing advances in our technology and security we hopefully prevail. Terrorists use explosive devices to create fear in people and the people cannot go about their daily life they normally would. These catastrophic events have forced military medical and physiological experts to re-evaluate their understanding of mass casualty terrorism. The primary goal of terrorism is to disrupt society by provoking intense fear and shattering all sense of personal and community safety.
When a terror attack occurs in the USA the impact from the attack is felt economically. Whether the attack be nuclear or biological. From the point of view of threatened governments there has been two tasks: first, to try to prevent the terrorist event from taking place and second, if prevention fails, to deal with the after-effects or consequences, (Heymann, Philip 2001) including the remarkably large political effect of acts of terrorism.

Although terrorists plan is to spread as much fear into citizens of the United States of America, our security continues to strengthen and we become stronger as a nation. Through advances in technology and the use of special resources, hopefully one day we can stop all terrorist attempts thus making more peace on earth. When a terrorist strikes it is to make a statement or to keep citizens in their houses and to try and disrupt our life from the normalcy. A car bomb or a backpack full of explosives is all it can take to cause mass panic and casualties. A way to combat this is to stay vigilante and go about our lives as normal as we can.

Deterrence of terrorism…...

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