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Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market

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Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market
BUS 620: Managerial Marketing
Dr. Paula Zobisch
January 20, 2013

Tesco Case: Examining the Marketing Management and United States Market
Tesco need to focus on their customer loyalty and retention in their marketing strategy to bring up their sales in the United Kingdom (U.K.). The company dipped into the United States market, but came up short. It is time for the business to look at their largest market the U.K., and start asking the questions to realign their marketing management in their supermarkets.
In successful businesses, understanding your customer and making changes to accommodate the feedback can relate to improving returns on investment. According to Finch, the value of loyal customers represents in the reliable stream of revenue, which establishes the initial investment (Finch, 2012). Good relationships build into very loyal customers, and dedicated customers spread the word of your brand and refer new business. The growth in a company can attribute to the loyalty and referrals. A consumer is more likely to use a new product, if a friend suggests a brand they use or enjoy. The power of a personal reference removes the doubt of someone trying a brand new company or service, with little information.
Loyalty is the formula of customer satisfaction combine with market select. Finch describes a “retention plan with these four items: * Create specific profiles of loyal buyer segments. * Determine the financial value of each loyal customer type. * Determine the root causes for defection within and between segments. * Develop and implement corrective action plans (Finch, 2012).”
Creating surveys to gain customer feedback will help gain insights as to what needs improvement and what the company is doing well. When a customer goes into a supermarket,…...

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