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The Annual Research and the Side Effects ‎

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The 14TW4 Quantitative Analysis
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The annual research and the side effects
The human continued to rely on his musing for a long time in order to search for the surrounding facts, were these reflections was the foundations that paved the way to scientific research. where the human developed his ability to find the platform, and depend on the experience to find the facts which related to the human, whether they are related to aspects of the social or economic. which represents the adoption of the scientific method of statistical, where the development of the science of statistics and its applications across many years the efforts and participation of many scientists from all over the world working in the fields and different fields. the theory of probability initial research began in the late fifteenth century, specifically in (1494), while posting sporty Italian «Luca Pacioli» A (1445-1514) work «Summa de Arithmetic» which discussed the games of chance. the statistics today is the most important science that the political, economic and cultural development depend on it. most of the States and Establishments, political organizations and economic and social development, ran by the statistics. globally and internationally and domestically. and often depends on the fate of the projects or major decisions by the provided statistics results. In general, the lack of statistical effort, in the fields, and make sure to prevent the collection of security in response to the reality of any project, also prevents determine the extent of his success or his failure, and makes it something of a risk if going to prevent. The choice of this topic to show the statistics advantages to organize the state managements. We get these information by collect the data.

Contents 1. Why to study 2.…...

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