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Gardener or maid, two options that nobody wants to deal with for their future. Sadly, it is the options for most of the immigrants in the U.S. Reading the capture of the drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman raises a question of the real dream America offers to the world. I believe that some Mexican immigrants who work relentlessly as a maid or gardener cannot escape to think of the bitter truth behind the news. Their mind must be wandered about the question of how nice it would be to be a notorious criminal in their hometown, if they can get a billion dollars. I cannot stop my mind from thinking that at this exact moment some of the immigrant maybe pitying themselves and some of them may be just decided to join a gang.

Taking a different point of view of “El Chapo” case, we can see an uncomfortable truth about immigrants laid in front of the world. Many people have a beautiful imagination of how happy they are if they are living in another country. However, the people who already sought happiness and dreams in another country, was facing the bitter reality of their dream.

Living in another country needs a preparation, something that most immigrants forgot. The new countries, be it the U.S or Australia, will not open their arms to immigrant eagerly without knowing anything about them. They need to know the intentions, the ability, the family background and the reason of why the immigrant left their origin. Because of that reasons, there is lots of paperwork which has to be done for an immigrant. And for some countries, the immigration process is so hard and complicated.
Visa and paperwork are the main problem for immigrant in the world. Many of them entered the destination country illegally by ships or containers. That is the reason why, they cannot afford the proper education and the better healthcare system that the new country offers. They do not have…...

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