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The Cemetery

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The Cemetery
Once upon a time, on a dark, quiet, and almost eerie night, there were two girls walking past the cemetery on the way to a friend’s Halloween party. When all the sudden the two girls heard screams of help. Startled by this they decide to go into the cemetery. The fog rolled over the tombstones, just barely visible by the full moon. Towards the middle of the cemetery a dark and ominous figure stood staring at us. It looked like a man but when we took a second look the figure was gone, and then out of nowhere came a warlock from behind a tree, and swooped down. His screams were ear piercing, and his eyes glowed like fire. We ran for our lives. As we ran through the cemetery in hopes of finding the exit, we notice all the graves had been dug up. We didn’t know what we were going to be up against. Our only hope was to find our way out. We walked further into the cemetery and came up upon a tomb. We were about to walk past it when a huge group of bats started coming at us. We decided to take shelter in the tomb. As we entered the tomb we could smell death. I looked down only to notice a trail of bloody footprints. When we looked around we couldn’t see anyone. Then there was a loud bang on the tomb door that made all of us jump. The door was closed; the only option was to walk through the tomb. We were so scared.
After walking for what seemed to be an eternity, we notice a light at the end of the tunnel. We all had a moment of hope. We rushed to the end to find that there was a way out. Once we got out, we looked to see two more of our friends simply playing a Halloween prank on us.…...

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