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The Challenge That Faces Telsa Motors Trying to Enter the Chinese Market

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The challenge that faces Telsa Motors trying to enter the Chinese market
Organizational behavior is centered on how people act or behave in an organization. An organization is simply a group of individuals who have the same interests and are brought together by similar or common goals (Lam and John 123). Organizational behavior is, therefore, the study of the factors that influence how employees and other people respond, feel and act to organizations and work and how the Company is affected by the external environment (McShane, Steven and Glinow 321).Organizational behavior reveals how people interact in a group and how the environment affects this interaction. The subsidiary of Telsa Motors in China was registered in the year 2006, but full operations began in 2013 when the trademark issue for Telsa Motors was resolved. Organizations must learn that their trademark is an international recognized concept but in some overseas market there can be problems with the mark of a Corporation. The best way to overcome these matters can be through franchises with existing domestic Corporations. Telsa Motors, Inc. is an American multinational Company that manufactures designs and sells electric vehicles, components of power train and battery products. Telsa is a publicly traded Company that sells its stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange market under the symbol TSLA. Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard started Tesla Motors way back in 2003 (Hettich and Stewens 3). Business has been average for Telsa Motors, Inc and it is only on 2013 when Telsa Motors posted their first profits since the year 2003. An analysis of Telsa Motors reveals that they have ventured into the Chinese market where it is expected that they face several challenges and influences from the business environment.

Telsa Motors trades its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange…...

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