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The Change Wheel Personal and Global Perspectives

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The Change Wheel
Personal and Global Perspectives

Task 1: Personal Changes Identification 1. Environment 2. Job 3. Language 4. Loneliness 5. Education 6. Meeting new people

Task 2: Personal Change Assessment 1. Environment
Afghanistan’s environment is under great pressure. The decades of conflict, on-going instability, overall poverty, prolonged droughts and susceptibility to other natural hazards, population increase and influx of displaced and returning population –have all exacted a heavy toll on the environment and natural resource base of the country.

Afghanistan is made up of 34 provinces and I used to live in capital of Afghanistan ( Kabul ) Where most people of provinces moved in to capital because of financial issue’s , insecurity , lagged and much more trouble’s.

Kabul is not a perfect place to live but it’s much better place from other provinces of Afghanistan , I lived there more than 10 years.
On October 2014 I came to United States and suddenly I felt everything’s changed in my life Here , got a chance to live in a better place so I can promote my life via better education and live a better life then Afghanistan. 2. Job
I used to be a jobless man but when I moved here in United States I got a job to earn money , to gain some experience for my background , to meet new people everything is still new for me here in Virginia it was a good step for me.

3. Language
My native language is Dari (Persian) used my language more than 19 years on home & my country so the basic point is here in united states my language changed
Wherever I visit, whoever I talk it’s all English so it’s all are actually changes in my life.

4. Loneliness
I used to be a social guy in my country in real life, have lots of friends there. It’s sad to leave them all come far here, so I am new here and…...

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