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The Effects of Binge Drinking on the Restaurant Industry : a Qualitative Study on College Students Behavior While Intoxicated

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Simrat Dhaliwal
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March 20, 2013
The Effects of Binge Drinking on the Restaurant Industry : A Qualitative Study on College Students Behavior while Intoxicated
The act of binge drinking in college has been around for many years. It is also a widespread social norm around the world, college students all over the world engage in binge drinking. Numerous research studies and programs that relate to the danger of alcohol follow the amount of alcohol that is consumed by college students. The hypothesis for this particular study states that the act of binge drinking by college students makes them more likely to behave rudely and aggressively towards restaurant employees. Previous research studies that have explored binge drinking and alcohol abuse have primarily been concerned with domestic violence and assaults. A research study conducted by Anderson and his colleagues focused violence against women (Anderson et al, 2009), and another study by Hughes and colleagues aimed to find out the act of binge drinking and nightlife (Hughes et al. 2007). What these studies have not focused on is effects of alcohol-induced aggression and how it is related to the restaurant industry. Through thorough research and observations, this study hopes to help educate college students as well as restaurant managers on the effects of alcohol. With information found in this study, restaurant owners can create a new training process that also includes information on what to do when a customer is drunk and behaving inappropriately. Students can also benefit from this study because it will help them realize how their behavior changes with the introduction of alcohol.

Research Site and Participants

This study focuses on a local eating establishment located in a Northeastern College town. The university situated within the town has a population of…...

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