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The Golden Arch the Iconic Symbol

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The golden arch’s are an iconic symbol, McDonald’s serves over 69 million customers each day. McDonald’s opened its doors in the 1940’s originally known for its drive in feature and car hop service. It grew to be a powerhouse fast food chain on a global scale. Mostly franchise the company operates like a machine, assigning different jobs for each employee and even guaranteeing your food in 60 seconds drive thru or it’s free. Similar to a production line each employee is stationed, some take orders, others work drive thru, others are solely preparing and prepping food. McDonalds uses machines like coffee makers, soda dispensers, fryer and the microwave and then there are replaceable parts which are employees. Many employees specialize in only one area of the production line. Each task is organized at its best method. Management is required to train employees on that method and make sure the team is working efficiently and effectively; avoiding wastes at all possible cost. The staffing involves about 15-20 people making a value meal but it’s the order that rapidly serve 69 million customers per day. The least amount of movement for employees is going to make McDonald’s the most money. There is a chain of command within the company and many situations are planned before they ever occur. The company has strategies within 5 basic management functions those being: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. McDonalds uses these strategies along with corporate structure to make sure all orders run smooth.
One of the reason McDonald’s has become so successful is because of their target market. Children are targeted through happy meals, toys, Ronald McDonald and even a playground. Family’s are offered a fast and friendly environment to grab a bite to eat. Conveniently located on every corner they give us quick fast access to a meal for those of us who…...

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