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The Hunter

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The Hunter

I'm the one who hunts.
Audible tones scream in my ears.
The day has begun.
I awake from the dreams and arise to begin making energy.
The smell of heaven enters my nose.
Caffeine poured into my traveling mug
My Shimano and gear is loaded.
Its time to leave.

My journey begins on the road, diving through the turns as if traveling on a roller coaster.
Speeding down the path as if chasing my prey
I just can't arrive soon enough.
My thoughts are running wild.

"What a beautiful day.
Not to hot, not to cold, the wind is calm, and the fog is thick.
It cannot get any better than this."

Packing the steel frame with my Shimano and gear,
I begin to set sail.
This is what I've been waiting for.
As the sun starts to rise the reflection of the mountains glisten off the water.
The essence of the outdoors overwhelms my senses.

I move into position to get the best angle.
Anchors away!
Reaching for my gear,
I make the first toss.
"I'm in heaven"

As I sit and wait for the prey
I think about life and,
I'm interrupted? There's a bite!
Wait for it, wait for it, set the hook!
Fish on!
Set the drag, the fight begins, and its a big one!
My heart beats faster with every leap from the water.
I plea to the heavens I don't lose her.
She getting closer.
I got her!
Dinner is…...

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