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The Main Contemporary Issue Faced by Manager with the Expansion of Technology

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The Main Contemporary Issue faced by Manager with the expansion of Technology


In many industries, superior technology integration - the approach used to choose and refine the technologies employed in a new product, process, or service - is the key to achieving superior productivity and speed, and superior products. Access to great research is still immensely important, but if a company selects technologies that don't work well together, it can end up with a product that is hard to manufacture, is late getting to market, and does not fulfill its envisioned purpose.

Technology integration has become much more important - and challenging - for obvious reasons. The number of technologies from which companies can choose has burgeoned. Both the breadth of technologies in a product or process and the potential sources of those technologies have increased considerably. Product life cycles have shortened dramatically, forcing companies to develop and commercialize new technologies faster than ever. As a result, the advantage now often goes to the companies most adept at choosing among the vast array of technologies and not necessarily to companies that create them. A radical change in the approach of U.S. companies to technology integration helps explain the resurgence of the U.S. electronics industry in the 1990s. But one size does not fit all. Indeed, an approach that works well in one country may not be the best for another. To be effective, an approach must suit the local culture and conditions.
The Millennium marks a watershed. After 2000, companies will not survive long unless they join a threefold revolution - in management itself, information technology, and global markets. The three feed off each other. The radical changes in management have become inseparable from those in technology. Without either the global revolution could never have…...

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