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The Makings of an Ideal Nation

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Filipino and Catholic Values: the Makings of an Ideal Nation

We, Filipinos, are known for many admirable values. Some examples are family-oriented, meal-oriented, and being patriotic. One aspect of our lives is being religious. We develop strong faith and are built upon good Christian values, such as: Christian brotherhood, honesty, being humble and sincere, and living a moral life. The Church wants us to “inculturate” our Catholic faith into our Filipino ways, for these are two things that make a good combination.

How can our Christian faith help strengthen our cultural values? Amongst our good Filipino values, we also have bad qualities like: ningas kugon (procrastination), Mañana habit, and hiya (shame). These can be fixed by our faith. It can correct what is excessive in them and supply for the deficiencies. From these merging beliefs, we develop the values of debt of gratitude, respect for elders, perseverance, and cooperation. Our Catholic values can mould us into better people by possessing these ideal traits.

Christ corresponds to many Filipino character traits. He brings us into the family of God, treating us as a brother or sister. He nourishes us with the Eucharist, like the value of being meal-oriented. Jesus redeems us as a suffering servant, and calls us to personal commitment to Him. He is experienced in His community, the Church, and gives us His Mother Mary to be our mother in Grace.

As Filipino Christians, strengthened by our cultures and Christian faith, it is out vocation to share Jesus Christ with our Asian brothers and sisters. We invite them to be committed to truth, justice, freedom, and universal Christian love. Starting with this could help in the renewal of the face of the world, creating unity between all of God’s creations. We must move our vocation from being truly “Church of the Poor,” through “Renewed Integral…...

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