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User: from the marketing perspective, what has guinness done to ensure its longevity?

Weegy: They made sure that Guinness can be remembered on St Patricks day. [ [ Guinness has stood the test of time, in part, because it has carefully managed its equities and resisted the urge to overextend itself into sub-brands that don?t resonate with its brand promise. Guinness? equity strategy is simple, yet effective: identify the core brand assets and leverage them across all touchpoints, all of the time. Black as the dominant color, the harp as logo and a unique opening ceremony are all symbols of the elite club to which Guinness loyalists belong. Similar to Apple and Starbucks consumers who flaunt their white headphones or white coffee cups as they walk down the street, brandishing a Guinness bottle or glass conveys a statement of belonging; of understanding the brand at a deep, emotional level. ] ]
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User: how would you characterize the Guinness brand?

Weegy: Guinness is one of the world's best-known brands, and a key product as well as the lead beer in Diageo's global portfolio. Yet Guinness's reputation is arguably much bigger than its sales would suggest. [ Something of an acquired taste, the stout trails higher-selling international lagers such as Heineken or Carlsberg, although its distinctive black-and-white branding and striking, often surreal advertising is recognized ]
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User: what could Guinness do to attract younger drinkers? and to retain its older loyal customer base? can both be done at the same time?

Weegy: They should promote it internationally. stressing our the pros and don care about the cons
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User: from the marketing perspective, what has guinness done to ensure its…...

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