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Module 9 : Experiments in Chemistry
Lecture 38 : Titrations : Acid-Base, Redox and Complexometric
In this lecture you will learn the techniques to do following

Determination of the amount of sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide in a mixture by titration.

Carrying out acid-base titration using a pH meter.

Carrying out acid-base titration by conductometric measurement.

Determination of the composition of a mixture of acetic acid and hydrochloric acid by conductometric titration.

Determination of ferrous ion using potassium dichromate by internal indicator.

Determination of hardness (Ca2+ ) of water using EDTA – complexometry method.
In this lecture, you will be introduced to a few experiments in chemistry. These experiments complement the theory you have learned in chemical equilibrium and kinetics.
38.1 Acid-Base Titrations:

Acid-base reactions are of great practical importance in analysis, not only because of their use in titrating a large number of inorganic and organic substances, but also because the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution often is of great importance in controlling reactions.
Titration :

The process of determining the volume of a given solution of a reagent equivalent to the amount of another reactant present in a standard solution is known as titration.
Equivalent Weight of Acids and Bases :

The equivalent weight of an acid is that weight which yields one mole of hydrogen ions in the reaction employed whereas the equivalent weight of a base is that weight which reacts with one mole of hydrogen ions in the reaction.
Normal solution :

A solution containing one equivalent weight of solute per litre of solution.
Equivalence Point :

When the number of equivalents of acid (respectively base) added is equal to the number of equivalents of base
(respectively acid) taken initially, we have reached the equivalence point.

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