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Exclusive Bloodline Kennel Stud Service Contract

This is to certify that the Female named: __________________________, Breed: ____________________, Registration: _________________, Color: _______________
Owned by: (Insert owner’s name, address, phone number)

Has entered into a contract with Exclusive Bloodline Kennel of Pearland Texas on ____________ 20 ____ to be bred to, Name: Heartless, Breed: American Pitt Bull Terrier, Registration: UKC # A388,061 Color: Blue Fawn for a Fee of $__________________/ or the following in lieu of a stud fee:

(Insert wording for any other type of agreement, such as 1st pick pup, 2nd pick pup, etc.)

Stud owner shall have the right to inspection of the female for the purpose of confirming pregnancy no later than 45 days of the first mating with female. Unless otherwise stated herein, owner of stud dog shall have the right in person of 1st pick puppy of the litter when the puppies reach the age of 8 weeks. One or more puppies living up to 4 weeks of age will be considered a litter. Int.______ Int. ______

The following terms and conditions are understood and agreed to by both parties:

1. Prior to breeding, the owner of the female must provide a completed JRTCA veterinarian form or JRTCA Registration Certificate, a copy of the female’s pedigree, a record of current vaccinations, proof of worming within six months of the breeding date, and a negative Brucellosis test.

2. Payment of a stud fee is due at the time of the first service unless otherwise specified in the initial arrangement for breeding.

3. If there is a tie, or the breeding is otherwise consummated, there will be no refund of the stud fee in whole or in part.

4. If the female fails to whelp, the owner of the female must notify the stud dog owner of this fact within 10 days of the whelping due date. A return service will be given by the same stud dog at the next heat unless otherwise agreed upon by the stud owner. Lack of notification as indicated above will forfeit any return service. Page 1 of 3
5. If the stud dog should die or otherwise become incapacitated for breeding purposes before the return service is given, the stud fee will be refunded in full. 6. If the female changes ownership, any return service will be at the option of the stud dog owner. In certain cases, a substitute female may be accepted for the return service, but this will also be at the option of the stud dog owner.

7. If the female dies or aborts before whelping, the stud dog owner must be notified immediately if there is to be consideration given for a return service. Granting of a return service will be dependent on the cause of death; I.e., negligent or unavoidable cause.

8. One or more puppies living up to three weeks of age will be considered a litter. If there is only one puppy, regardless of sex, this puppy shall constitute a choice litter, unless otherwise agreed to herein.

9. It is understood that the stud dog owner shall maintain reasonable care of the female while at the stud dog owner’s facility or under the care of the stud dog owner or agent. The stud dog owner or agent shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury or death of the female while under their supervision or while in transit by a private or commercial carrier.

10. Any female that cannot be bred due to viciousness, fear, or any other extreme behavior problem will be immediately returned to the owner of said female and no payment will be due.

11. In addition to the stud fee, it is understood that the owner of the female will assume all cost incurred by the stud dog owner for any medical treatment by a veterinarian required for the female while under the supervision of the stud dog owner or their agent. It is agreed that the stud dog owner or agent shall determine the need for any emergency care for the female while under their supervision.

12. The period of residence in the stud dog owner’s facility shall not exceed 7 days unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional days will be subject to a $10.00 per day boarding fee.

13. It is the female owner’s responsibility to advise of any kennel habit’s the female may have that could possibly present a problem in giving adequate and safe care while in the stud dog owner’s facility, and also to furnish any instructions and medication for any special care required.

14. It is the female owner’s responsibility to be sure that the female is brought to the stud dog at the proper time for breeding.

15. At the time of stud owner’s possession of the choice puppy, female owner shall deliver to stud owner a certificate from a veterinarian stating that the puppy has been Page 2 of 3 examined, has been found to have no known congenital defects, is in good health and has had its first series of vaccinations. Stud owner shall not be obligated to take possession of the choice puppy until such time as this certificate is delivered, and this condition shall have no effect on stud owner’s choice as stated above. Stud owner shall have 72 hours

from the time of possession of the choice puppy to have said puppy examined by his/her own veterinarian. If puppy is found, at that examination, to have a congenital defect, stud owner shall have the right to return said puppy to female owner and choose a puppy from those available in the litter. If stud owner does not have the puppy examined and notify female owner within the 72 hour period, stud owner shall forfeit his/her right to the return of said puppy and shall have no other rights as to choice of another puppy.

Signed: By signing below, the undersigned agreed to the terms and conditions of this contract.

___________________________________ ___________________________________
Stud Dog Owner Date Female Dog Owner Date

Signed @
Location:___________________________, City_________________________, State_______________

************************************************************************************* Guarantee of Mating

I, owner of stud dog in the foregoing contract, hereby certify and guarantee that said stud was mated properly to female named in this contract, on _______________
20 _____. Signed: ______________________ Date: _____________
I, owner of female dog in the foregoing contract, hereby certify and guarantee that said stud was mated properly to male named in this contract, on ________________
20 _____. Signed: ______________________ Date: _____________
Receipt of Puppy / Cash:

I, owner of the stud dog in foregoing contract, hereby state and declare in accordance with the terms of above mating contract, have received in full payment the following Puppy/Cash _______________ on ___________________ 20 ________.

Signed: ________________________________ Date: _________ Stud Owner Page 3 of 3…...

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