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The Rain in Spain

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Setting Up practice Exam
Before starting this Installation, make sure you have an application to extract file, such as WinZip or WinRAR.
Using Window Explorer (Not Internet Explorer), Navigate to the folder where you save the Avanset Visual CertExam Suite 3.0.1 Incl. Patch - ASA [deepstatus]

Double Click Avanset Visual CertExam Suite 3.0.1 Incl. Patch - ASA [deepstatus]
Right Click visual_certexam_suite_setup and Select Run as Administrator

Click Yes to the User Account Control Dialog Box that is displayed. (Could Not Capture the Window)

Select English and Click Ok button to the Select Setup Language Dialog Window

Click Next button

Click I Agree button

Take the default installation location. Also note where the application is going to be placed. If you want you can change the location

Click the Next button in the Select Component Dialog Window

Click the Next button to Additional Tasks Dialog Window
Click the Install button in Ready to Install Dialog Window and allow program to install

Click Finish (Another window missed)
Visual CertExam Manager [TRIAL COPY] window is displayed

Click X to Close Visual CertExam Manager [TRIAL COPY] window
The Installation is completed.
Patching the Application
Navigate back to the location where you save the Avanset Visual CertExam Suite 3.0.1 Incl. Patch - ASA [deepstatus] folder
Look for ASA.rar or file
Extract this file to a Folder of its name type or name of your chosen. For this demonstration, I am extracting ASA.RAR file using WinRAR as my Extracting Tool and ASA is the name of the folder ( I:\Exams\ASA). Now if you are using WinZip as your Extraction tool the name of the file would be

Extraction Tool: WinRAR
Compressed File: ASA.RAR
Extracted Folder: I:\Exams\ASA

This is what your extracted folder should look like

Copy the Visual.CertExam.Suite.3.0.1 application file

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual CertExam Suite Folder and Paste the copied File

This is the view after you pasted the file

Right Click Visual.CertExam.Suite.3.0.1 and Select Run as Administrator
Click Yes to the Dialog Window (Cloud not Capture the Screen).

Click the Patch Button.
Click the Patch Button Again until you see patch finished

Patching is completed
Closed all the windows and open Window Internet Explorer not Window Explorer
Go to the above url:

Click Microsoft for the exam you are interested in taking among the green links

Scroll down to 70-432 Click on the link to the left

Select the exam you want to download. Choose from the most recent feed backs

Save this file to a location and Note the path or this location. I created a folder in the location where I have the exam and call it downloads.
Repeat this process for 70-450.
Look for the shortcut for Visual CertExam Manager on your Desktop and Double Click it
You should have the window below

Click Add button to add those exams you downloaded.
Browse to the location where you saved the exam files. I point to the location where I kept the downloaded files. Now you can pick it up one at a time or selected all the files at a time. I would let you make that choice.

Click Open to Add this to your Exam Practice.
Running the Visual CertExam Manager
Go back to the Visual CertExam Manager

Select one of the exams and Click Start

Click OK.

Click the Begin Button
Good Luck
That all folks…...

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