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The True Treasure in Our Life

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Narrator: Late night 12am at Pallet town near a village of Washington, a boy ran out from his own house.

Father: John! Where are you going in this time ?

John: You have no right grounded me in this house.

Mother: How can you be so rude to your own father, John.

John: Shut up! You both just leave me alone.

Father: Just leave him, dear! And John, you are not allowed to step in this area as long as you do not apologize to both of us, your parents.

John: Whatever!

(walking sound)

Narrator : Then,John leaves his house. This is not the first time he had been grounded by his parents due to he always play truant at school causes him to be forced to drop out from school. The anger of John finally burst out and he ran out from his house. Then,you guys guess where did John going ? He going to his best friend house and he stays there for a few weeks.

(receive call sound)

John: Hmm? Why does Aunt Amy call me at this moment early in the morning ? It is 6 o'clock now.

Narrator :John feel surprised and he quickly picks up the phone.

Aunt Amy: Hello is that John ?

John: Yes, Aunt Amy, why you are so nervous?

Aunt Amy: Listen, John, I hope that you calm down after hearing this news.Your parents had just met their maker a few hours ago. They can't escape from the fire that happened in your house at 2am just now.
(phone dropping sound)
John, are you there ? Did you still listen ? Hello ?

Narrator: A few days later, after the funeral...

Aunt Amy: John, you must cheer up and take good care of yourself. You are still very young, you have to stay strong and face the challenge in your life alone. If you got any problem that you can't cope, you can find me and your uncle.

Narrator: John did not give any respond to Aunt Amy. He just stares at the sky from the window and thinking about how can he survive without emotional support.

Aunt Amy: Take care John, you can give me a call anytime if you need help.

(door closing sound)

Ben (devil 1): Edward, looks at there! This guy is the one we searching for.

Edward (devil 2): Ya, it's he, John! 18 years old, from Pallet town, died in the fire due to an accident, but he rescued!

Narrator: Two men with weird costume suddenly appear in front of John.

John: Who are you guys?

Ben(devil 1): Our job is to collect human life

Edward (devil 2): Or you can call us, a devil.

Ben (devil 1): According to our record, you should die in the fire together with your parents.

Edward (devil 2): Yes, you shouldn't alive, we are here to take away your life.

Narrator: John stunned at the moment, he did not know what he can do now.

John: Can you give me 3 days to consider ?

Narrator: After a deep think...

Edward (devil 2): Okay ! We will be back in 3 days.

Narrator: 3 days later, they meet again

John: I already have my decision. I can leave, but I got a request. The request is I want my parents to revive.

Narrator: After hearing John request, Both devils think about it.

Ben (devil 1): Okay, I can accept your request.

Edward (devil 2): Wait! This is breaking our rules , you will face some punishments.

Ben (devil 1): I know, but this teen has regretted on what he did and I surprise that he wish to exchange his parent's life with his own life means that he love his parents so much.

Edward (devil 2): However, it is 2 different things. You cannot mix both things together. It will harass the law of nature.

Ben (devil 1): I know what I'm doing now, but I really admire his braveness and his filial piety, why don't we just give him a chance.

Edward (devil 2): I will not agree your action but I won't tipped off and just act like what also don't know.

Ben (devil 1): Okay , John. Any last words ?

John: Just tell my parents, Sorry, I love them and take good care of themselves don't worry about me. I could not regret to be their son.

Ben (devil 1): Okay, are you ready ?

John: Yes, I'm ready.

(magic sound effect)

Mother: huh?! Why are we here ? Dear! I remember we’ve fainted in the fire and can’t remember what was next happened, and who are they ?

Father : I don't know who are them, and I also don't know why we are here, where is our beloved son ?

Edward (devil 2): We are the devil. You two are revived.

Mother: I remember we could not escape from the fire, but why we can revive ? Am I dreaming now ? By the way, where is my beloved son, John?
He escaped from the fire, he should be somewhere else, where is he ? And did you just say you are a devil ?

Father: Devil ? What you all want to do ? Looks like something happened this few day. Can you all tell us what's going on ?

Edward (devil 2): You wouldn't want to know the bad news.

Ben (devil 1): Mind your words, we have to tell them everything, but make sure they can accept this truth.

Edward (devil 2): Your son had been exchanged his life to save u all life. He wants us to apologize to u all due to rude attitude and he said he love u all so much and he did not regret to be your son, he wants u all don't be too sad and take good care of yourself.

Narrator: Later, two black shadows fly out from the window and disappeared in the darkness, left down a house full of crying sound. Everyone, always treasure people around us because we don't know when will they leave us, maybe now or tomorrow.…...

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