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* “Sick Man” of Europe: 1914 This was a name given to the Ottoman's from the Europeans. It was based on the Ottoman's sultans inability to control the takeover of many states. It fails to recognize reform in the Ottoman's

* “Stabbed in the Back”(1918):
After germany lost the war the german people wanted someone to blame. Rhe german army believe they had been stabbed in the back by the Weimar Republic. This is because they were the politicians who signed the Armistice. Which made the known as the November ciminals.

* “The White Man’s Burden” :
The idea that Europeans have a duty/responsibility to help uncivilized nations. They thought that they were genetically superior to other races. They believed they were superior to the rest of the world previous to the idea of social Darwinism, but this new idea backed their thought. Since they believed themselves to be superior, they saw it as their right as Christians and superior humans to spread their modern and advanced ways with "inferior" races. * 14 Points:
A detailed list of war aims presented by President Wilson: 1) Recognition of freedom of the seas 2) An end to the practice of making secret treaties 3) Reduction of national armaments 4) An "impartial adjustment of all colonial claims" 5) Self-determination for the various nationalities within the Austro-Hungarian empire. 6) "A general association of nations..for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike" * Alexander Kerensky: 1881-1970
Liberal revolutionary leader during the early stages of the Russian Revolution of 1917; sought development of parliamentary rule, religious freedom

* Apollonian vs. Dionysian
Apollonian - emphasizes the objective, calm experience of the reasoning mind

Dionysian - emphasizes the subjective, passionate experiences of…...

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