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The Underground Man

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The Underground Man is Hyperaware and very analytical which leads to him to suffer from inertia paralysis which is the failure to changeability. It makes him very unstable, inconsistent, and unreliable and leaves him subject to variation. Some would in this day say bipolar. There are no apparent reasons to the cause of this nor any motives to become of it that he can justify this inertia with. He feels like he can’t be or become anything which is a very detrimental way to think or be as a person. He also attacks the pleasures and elements of the world which causes him great misery. He often alternates between being a hero and being miserable because of this and if he is miserable he finds pleasure in his own misery and that of others as well.
According to the Underground Man Russians and are better than the French and German because of their values grounding in reality. It seems that he fakes living because of the inability to be a person and compares himself to a bug, monkey, and other things of that nature. He wants friends but his misery it is just a phase for him. He claims the inability to act because there is no way for him to justify any of his actions so he succumbs to inertia and does not wish to change or is unable to change because he has accepted this. He has paralyzed himself by having to choose what decisions to make but he does not choose, so if he feels something needs to be done or he wants to do something but chooses not to do these things. He sits around and constantly broods and describes himself as a babbling man but he cannot justify this either due to the fact that he feels that a miserable man can only is babble, but he has no motive for it.
In reality the Underground Man’s cause of bitterness is the fact that radical thinkers attempt to establish ideas and social reforms based on the perception that human beings are a programmed and have…...

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